Class TuplesRankingReasoner

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    ModelProvider<Argument,​DungTheory,​LatticeArgumentRanking>, PostulateEvaluatable<Argument>

    public class TuplesRankingReasoner
    extends AbstractRankingReasoner<LatticeArgumentRanking>
    This class implements the "tuples*" argument ranking approach as proposed by [Cayrol, Lagasquie-Schiex. Graduality in argumentation. 2005]. It takes into account all the ancestors branches of an arguument stored in tupled values. Some arguments are incomparable using this approach, i.e. it generates partial rankings.

    Note: This implementation only works for acyclic argument graphs. For cyclic graphs null is returned.
    Anna Gessler
    • Constructor Detail

      • TuplesRankingReasoner

        public TuplesRankingReasoner()
    • Method Detail

      • getModels

        public java.util.Collection<LatticeArgumentRanking> getModels​(DungTheory bbase)
        Description copied from interface: ModelProvider
        Returns a characterizing model of the given belief base
        bbase - some belief base
        the (selected) models of the belief base
      • getModel

        public LatticeArgumentRanking getModel​(DungTheory kb)
        Description copied from interface: ModelProvider
        Returns a single (dedicated) model of the given belief base. If the implemented method allows for more than one dedicated model, the selection may be non-deterministic.
        kb - some belief base
        a selected model of the belief base.
      • computeTupledValue

        public Pair<int[],​int[]> computeTupledValue​(Argument a,
                                                          DungTheory kb)
        Computes the tupled value for the given argument.
        a - an argument
        kb - DungTheory
        a pair that consists of the two tuples that represent the defense (first tuple) and attack (second tuple) branches of a.
      • getTupledValues

        public java.util.Map<Argument,​Pair<int[],​int[]>> getTupledValues()
        the tupled values computed by previous calls of getModel oder getModels
      • prettyPrintTupledValues

        public java.lang.String prettyPrintTupledValues()
        Prints the tupled values computed by previous calls of getModel oder getModels in a human-readable way.
        a string representation of the tuples