Class PropositionalMapping

  • public final class PropositionalMapping
    extends java.lang.Object
    Contains the propositional representation of the arguments and links of some ADF.

    This is especially needed if we want to interconnect different sat encodings, since they have to share the same propositional variables.

    Since we are dealing with three valued interpretations, in order to represent an undecided argument we need two propositional variables for each argument. One represents satisfied, one unsatisfied and if both are false the argument should be interpreted as undecided. It should be prevented by the encoding that both are true.

    Mathias Hofer
    • Constructor Detail

      • PropositionalMapping

        public PropositionalMapping​(AbstractDialecticalFramework adf)
        Creates propositional representations for the arguments and links of the provided ADF. It does not compute any links in the process.

        The propositional variables are eagerly computed and not changed anymore. Which makes this class usable in a parallel context.

        It does not store a reference to the provided ADF, therefore it can be reused even by different ADFs as long as they are a subset, in terms of arguments and links, of the provided one.

        adf - the ADF for which we need a propositional representation
    • Method Detail

      • getLinks

        public java.util.Collection<Atom> getLinks()
      • getArguments

        public java.util.Collection<Atom> getArguments()
      • getLink

        public Atom getLink​(Link link)