Class ClassicalCategorizer

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    public class ClassicalCategorizer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Categorizer
    This class implements a simple categorizer that does an bottom-up marking of the tree; leafs are marked undefeated and an inner node is marked defeated if at least one child is marked undefeated and defeated otherwise.

    The method "categorize" returns "1" if the root node is undefeated and "0" if it is defeated.
    Matthias Thimm
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      double categorize​(ArgumentTree argumentTree)
      This method categorizes the given argument tree.
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      • ClassicalCategorizer

        public ClassicalCategorizer()
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      • categorize

        public double categorize​(ArgumentTree argumentTree)
        Description copied from interface: Categorizer
        This method categorizes the given argument tree. In general, the semantics of this function is that a higher value of this categorization means a higher belief in the claim of the root argument of the argument tree.
        Specified by:
        categorize in interface Categorizer
        argumentTree - some argument tree.
        the categorization of the argument tree.