Class HCategorizer

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    public class HCategorizer
    extends java.lang.Object
    implements Categorizer
    This class implements the h-categorizer from

    Philippe Besnard and Anthony Hunter. A logic-based theory of deductive arguments. In Artificial Intelligence, 128(1-2):203-235, 2001.
    Matthias Thimm
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      double categorize​(ArgumentTree argumentTree)
      This method categorizes the given argument tree.
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      • HCategorizer

        public HCategorizer()
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      • categorize

        public double categorize​(ArgumentTree argumentTree)
        Description copied from interface: Categorizer
        This method categorizes the given argument tree. In general, the semantics of this function is that a higher value of this categorization means a higher belief in the claim of the root argument of the argument tree.
        Specified by:
        categorize in interface Categorizer
        argumentTree - some argument tree.
        the categorization of the argument tree.