Class FixPartialTransformer

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public final class FixPartialTransformer extends AbstractTransformer<AcceptanceCondition,​Void,​AcceptanceCondition>
Syntactically rewrites the acceptance condition s.t. the arguments are replaced with the corresponding constants TautologyAcceptanceCondition or ContradictionAcceptanceCondition according to the given (partial) interpretation.

Some examples:
and(a,b,c) with {t(a), u(b), u(c)} becomes and(b,c).
or(a,b,c) with {t(a), u(b), u(c)} becomes T.
or(a,b,c) with {f(a), u(b), u(c)} becomes or(b,c).

Mathias Hofer
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    • FixPartialTransformer

      public FixPartialTransformer(Interpretation interpretation)
      interpretation - the interpretation which is used