Class ExtendedExampleFinder


public class ExtendedExampleFinder extends Object
This class can be used to find example dung theories that produce the same set of extensions wrt to two semantics, but different extensions wrt to another semantics
Lars Bengel
  • Constructor Details

    • ExtendedExampleFinder

      public ExtendedExampleFinder(Semantics semantics1, Semantics semantics2, Semantics semantics3)
      initialize with three semantics and automatically find reasoners for them (if they exist)
      semantics1 - a semantics
      semantics2 - a semantics
      semantics3 - a semantics
    • ExtendedExampleFinder

      public ExtendedExampleFinder(AbstractExtensionReasoner reasoner1, AbstractExtensionReasoner reasoner2, AbstractExtensionReasoner reasoner3)
      initialize with three specific reasoners
      reasoner1 - a reasoner
      reasoner2 - a reasoner
      reasoner3 - a reasoner
  • Method Details

    • getExamples

      public Map<Collection<Extension>,​Map<Collection<Extension>,​Map<Collection<Extension>,​Collection<DungTheory>>>> getExamples(int minArgs, int maxArgs)
      compute a tree like structure of examples. The first layer is the set of extensions wrt. the first semantics. The second layer are all possibilities of extensions wrt the second semantics that can occur given the extensions of the first semantics
      minArgs - minimum number of arguments for the theories
      maxArgs - maximum number of arguments for the theories
      a map with examples
    • showOverview

      public void showOverview()
      prints an overview over all found examples
    • showExamples

      public void showExamples(Collection<Extension> extensions1, Collection<Extension> extensions2)
      prints a theory for each set of extensions (of the third semantics) that can occur, given the set of extensions for the first and second semantics
      extensions1 - the set of extensions wrt the first semantics
      extensions2 - the set of extensions wrt the second semantics