Package org.tweetyproject.logics.commons.syntax

package org.tweetyproject.logics.commons.syntax
  • Interface Summary
    This interface defines a bridge between the AssociativeFormula implementation like a concrete Disjunction and the AssociativeFormulaSupport object which adds the implementation of the common functionality.
  • Class Summary
    This class provides common implementation for associative formulas that are formulas which consists of several other formulas.
    Abstract base class for ComplexLogicalFormula, that are formulas which implement substitute(), exchange(), getTerms(), isGround() and isWellFormed() and therefore use terms to describe themself.
    A Constant represents an constant object in the world of a logical language.
    A functional term in a logic language, i.e.
    A functor for logic language, i.e.
    This is a term representing an integer number it is used to distinguish between objects like an auto a which is modeled as constant and integral numbers like 42.
    A general predicate which contains an identifier that describes its meaning, an argument count referred as arity and a list of sorts defining the types for the arguments of the predicate.
    This class provides common functionalities for quantified formulas, i.e.
    This is the abstract base class for relational formulas, i.e.
    A sort of first-order logic.
    This class represents terms which are objects identified by a string.
    Abstract base class implementing the substitute(), getSort(), getTerms(), and containsTermsOfType() methods in a way it is useful for terms.
    The abstract parent for predicates and functors implementing the TypedStructure interface.
    A Variable is a placeholder for Constants in a generic formula of a logic language.