Class CActionDescriptionConsistencyTester

All Implemented Interfaces:
ActionDescriptionConsistencyTester<CLaw>, ConsistencyTester<ActionDescription<CLaw>>

public class CActionDescriptionConsistencyTester extends Object implements ActionDescriptionConsistencyTester<CLaw>
This class is able to check if a given action description in the action language C is consistent with regards to one simple consistency requirement: The transition system described by the action description has at least one state. This check is accomplished using the CTransitionSystemCalculator and thus an answer set solver.
Sebastian Homann, Matthias Thimm
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    • CActionDescriptionConsistencyTester

      public CActionDescriptionConsistencyTester(ASPSolver aspsolver)
      Creates a new consistency tester which will use the given answer set solver.
      aspsolver - some ASP solver
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