Class SimpleRelationalCReasoner

All Implemented Interfaces:
ModelProvider<RelationalConditional,RclBeliefSet,RelationalRankingFunction>, QualitativeReasoner<RclBeliefSet,FolFormula>, Reasoner<Boolean,RclBeliefSet,FolFormula>

This class models a relational brute force c-reasoner for relational conditional logic. Reasoning is performed by computing a minimal c-representation for the given knowledge base.
A c-representation for a conditional knowledge base R={r1,...,rn} is a ranking function k such that k accepts every conditional in R (k |= R) and if there are numbers k0,k1+,k1-,...,kn+,kn- with
k(w)=k0 + \sum_{w verifies ri} ki+ + \sum_{w falsifies ri} kj- for every w. A c-representation is minimal if k0+...+kn- is minimal.
The c-representation is computed using a brute force approach.

See Gabriele Kern-Isberner. Conditionals in nonmonotonic reasoning and belief revision. Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Volume 2087. 2001.

See also [Kern-Isberner,Thimm, "A Ranking Semantics for Relational Defaults", in preparation].
Matthias Thimm