Class PAUpdateOperator

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public class PAUpdateOperator extends AbstractPAChangeOperator
This operator implements an update of some probabilistic assessment of arguments upon the observation of an argumentation theory. More specifically, for a given probabilistic semantics S, some norm N, a function f, and a partial probability assignment PPA, it computes the S-prob-function that 1.) has minimal N-distance to PPA-compliant prob'functions and 2.) maximizes function f.
Matthias Thimm
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    • PAUpdateOperator

      public PAUpdateOperator(PASemantics semantics, RealVectorNorm norm, SimpleRealValuedFunction f)
      Creates a new change operator for the given semantics that uses the specified norm for distance measuring and the given function for optimizing.
      semantics - the semantics used for change.
      norm - the norm used for distance measurement between probabilistic extensions.
      f - the function that is maximized on the set of probabilistic extensions with minimal distance.
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