Class PodlaszewskiCaminadaDungTheoryGenerator

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterator<DungTheory>, DungTheoryGenerator, BeliefSetIterator<Argument,DungTheory>

public class PodlaszewskiCaminadaDungTheoryGenerator extends Object implements DungTheoryGenerator
This generator generates abstract argumentation frameworks following the schema described in "Strong Admissibility Revisited" (COMMA2014) by Martin Caminda, following and idea by Mikolay Podlaszewski. These frameworks are supposedly hard for computing grounded semantics.
Matthias Thimm
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    • PodlaszewskiCaminadaDungTheoryGenerator

      public PodlaszewskiCaminadaDungTheoryGenerator(int numComponents)
      Creates a new generator that generates frameworks of the given numComponents >= 0. More precisely, the number of arguments in these frameworks have 4 + numComponents*4 arguments.
      numComponents - the number of components
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