Class MonotoneGlobalMaxichoiceSelectionFunction

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public class MonotoneGlobalMaxichoiceSelectionFunction extends Object implements SelectionFunction<ASPRule>
This class implements a monotone global maxichoise selection function for remainder sets of extended logic programs as introduced in [KKI12]. [KKI12] Kruempelmann, Patrick und Gabriele Kern-Isberner: Belief Base Change Operations for Answer Set Programming. In: Cerro, Luis Farinas, Andreas Herzig und Jerome Mengin (Herausgeber): Proceedings of the 13th European conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, Band 7519, Seiten 294-306, Toulouse, France, 2012. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Sebastian Homann
  • Constructor Details

    • MonotoneGlobalMaxichoiceSelectionFunction

      public MonotoneGlobalMaxichoiceSelectionFunction()
  • Method Details

    • select

      public Collection<ASPRule> select(ScreenedRemainderSets remainderSets)
      Selects the maximal remainder set from the set of all remainder sets according to a total order on all extended logic programs. This entails the monotony-property for this selection function.
      remainderSets - set of all remainder sets
      a single remainder set or P, if there is no remainder set of P with screen R
    • select

      public Collection<ASPRule> select(RemainderSets<ASPRule> remainderSets)
      Description copied from interface: SelectionFunction
      Select exactly one remainder set from the set of remainder sets.
      Specified by:
      select in interface SelectionFunction<ASPRule>
      remainderSets - a set of remainder sets
      one remainder set.