Class ScreenedMaxichoiceConsolidation

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public class ScreenedMaxichoiceConsolidation extends Object implements ConsolidationOperator<ASPRule>
This class implements the screened maxi-choice consolidation operator from [1]. [1] Kruempelmann, Patrick und Gabriele Kern-Isberner: Belief Base Change Operations for Answer Set Programming. In: Cerro, Luis Farinas, Andreas Herzig und Jerome Mengin (Herausgeber): Proceedings of the 13th European conference on Logics in Artificial Intelligence, Band 7519, Seiten 294-306, Toulouse, France, 2012. Springer Berlin Heidelberg.
Sebastian Homann
  • Constructor Details

    • ScreenedMaxichoiceConsolidation

      public ScreenedMaxichoiceConsolidation(Program screen, SelectionFunction<ASPRule> selection, ASPSolver solver)
      Creates a new screened maxi-choice consolidation operator with the given screen, selection function and a link to an answer set solver.
      screen - the screen to be retained in this consolidation operation
      selection - a selection function
      solver - an asp-solver
  • Method Details

    • consolidate

      public Program consolidate(Program p)
      Calculates the screened consolidation !r of program p using a maxi-choice selection function s, i.e. p!r = s(p \bot r) where p \bot r is the set of remainder sets of p with screen r.
      p - a program
      consolidation of program p
    • consolidate

      public Collection<ASPRule> consolidate(Collection<ASPRule> p)
      Description copied from interface: ConsolidationOperator
      Returns a consolidation of set p, i.e. a consistent subset of p.
      Specified by:
      consolidate in interface ConsolidationOperator<ASPRule>
      p - a belief base
      the consolidated belief base