Class CnfParser

public class CnfParser extends AbstractDungParser
Parses abstract argumentation frameworks in the CNF/Dimacs Format used for the SAT solver competition (see also It is given by the following BNF (start symbol is S):

COMMENTS ::== ("c" COMMENT "\n")*
PROBLEM ::== "p af " INT INT
ATTACKS ::== (INT " -" INT " 0\n")* where "COMMENT" represents any string, and INT is a positive natural number. Lines beginning with "c" are comment lines and are ignored by the parser. The line beginning with "p af" is the problem definition, it is followed by two positive integers where the first is the number of arguments and the second is the number of attacks in the given framework. After the problem definition there is one line for each attack. The first integer in these lines describe the attacker of the attack and the second the attacked (the attacked is also prefixed by a minus sign "-"). Each line of an attack ends with "0" and a line break.
Matthias Thimm
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