Class SemiQualifiedReasoner

All Implemented Interfaces:
ModelProvider<Argument,DungTheory,Extension<DungTheory>>, PostulateEvaluatable<Argument>, QualitativeReasoner<DungTheory,Argument>, Reasoner<Boolean,DungTheory,Argument>

public class SemiQualifiedReasoner extends AbstractExtensionReasoner
Reasoner for semi-qualified sigma-semantics. If sigma is a scc-decomposable semantics this reasoner will compute the qualified extensions for the semantics. In qualified semantics a undecided argument x is treated as out iff there are no other possible labelings where x is in. This means an argument y attacked by x and in a different scc can still be accepted(in) iff x is undecided or out in all possible labelings. see: TODO add reference
Lars Bengel
  • Constructor Details

    • SemiQualifiedReasoner

      public SemiQualifiedReasoner(Semantics semantics)
      initialize reasoner with the given semantics as base function. Will only produce meaningful results if the given semantics is SCC-decomposable
      semantics - a scc-decomposable semantics
  • Method Details

    • getModels

      public Collection<Extension<DungTheory>> getModels(DungTheory bbase)
      Description copied from interface: ModelProvider
      Returns a characterizing model of the given belief base
      bbase - some belief base
      the (selected) models of the belief base
    • getModel

      public Extension<DungTheory> getModel(DungTheory bbase)
      Description copied from interface: ModelProvider
      Returns a single (dedicated) model of the given belief base. If the implemented method allows for more than one dedicated model, the selection may be non-deterministic.
      bbase - some belief base
      a selected model of the belief base.
    • isInstalled

      public boolean isInstalled()
      the solver is natively installed and is therefore always installed
      Specified by:
      isInstalled in interface QualitativeReasoner<DungTheory,Argument>
      isInstalled in class AbstractExtensionReasoner
      if the solver is installed