Package org.tweetyproject.arg.dung.syntax

package org.tweetyproject.arg.dung.syntax
  • Class
    This class models an argument used by Dung's abstract argumentation theory and is just described by its name.
    *description missing*
    This class models an attack between two arguments.
    a claim for an argument
    an argument with a claim
    implements claim based theory see: The Complexity Landscape of Claim-Augmented Argumentation Frameworks (Wolfgang Dvoˇr´ak Alexander Greßler Anna Rapberger StefanWoltran )
    This interface captures common methods of arguments and attacks of abstract argumentation theories.
    This class captures the signature of a Dung theory, i.e.
    This class implements an abstract argumentation theory in the sense of Dung.
    implementation of incomplete argumentation frameworks
    Minimalistic Implementation of a weighted argumentation theory used for learning argumentation theories from labelings