Package org.tweetyproject.arg.dung.util

package org.tweetyproject.arg.dung.util
  • Class
    Implements a customizable Dung theory generator.
    This class lists some parameters for Dung theory generation.
    Class implementing this interface provide the capability to generate Dung theories.
    This class represents a specialization of graph plotters used to visualize argumentation frameworks, also called @see org.tweetyproject.arg.dung.syntax.DungTheory.
    This class is responsible for dilating a specified original abstract argumentation framework by adding new arguments and new attacks, while conserving the original framwork.
    This generator generators all possible Dung argumentation theories.
    This generator receives a list of files containing Dung theories and returns those step by step.
    This generator generators all possible Dung argumentation theories (modulo graph isomorphism).
    Creates AAFs with a complex structure for tasks related to skeptical reasoning wrt.
    This generator generates abstract argumentation frameworks following the schema described in "Strong Admissibility Revisited" (COMMA2014) by Martin Caminda, following and idea by Mikolay Podlaszewski.