Package org.tweetyproject.logics.translators.adfrevision

package org.tweetyproject.logics.translators.adfrevision
  • Class
    Implementation of Symmetric Distance Function "Delta" as proposed in [Heyninck 2020] Adapted from class "DalalDistance" for the use of Three Valued Logic
    This class models an indecision operator for 3-valued propositional logic as proposed in [Heyninck 2020] Indecision(a) is true, if formula a is undecided Indecision(a) is false, if formula a is true or false Adapted from the class "Negation"
    Adapted from "PlParser" for the use of 3-valued logic (WeakNegation and Indecision-Operator):
    This class implements a revision operator for Abstract Dialectical Frameworks (ADFs)
    This class models a three-valued interpretation for propositional logic from Priest's three valued logic (3VL) [Priest, G.: Logic of paradox.
    The three truth values.
    This class iterates effectively over all interpretation sets worlds of a given signature.
    A ranking function (or ordinal conditional function, OCF) that maps possible worlds of a propositional language to integers.
    This class models a weak negation for 3-valued propositional logic as proposed in [Heyninck 2020] Adapted from the class "Negation"