Class AspicAttack<T extends Invertable>

Type Parameters:
T - is the type of the language that the ASPIC theory's rules range over
All Implemented Interfaces:
DungEntity, Formula

public class AspicAttack<T extends Invertable> extends Attack
Checks whether an argument defeats another argument
Nils Geilen
  • Constructor Details

    • AspicAttack

      public AspicAttack(AspicArgument<T> active, AspicArgument<T> passive)
      Creates a new AspicAttack
      active - the attacking argument
      passive - the attacked argument
  • Method Details

    • determineAttackRelations

      public static <T extends Invertable> Collection<AspicAttack<T>> determineAttackRelations(Collection<AspicArgument<T>> args, Comparator<AspicArgument<T>> order, RuleFormulaGenerator<T> rfgen)
      Checks for defeats in a list of arguments
      Type Parameters:
      T - the type of formula
      args - a list of arguments
      order - an comparator which should compare the arguments in args
      rfgen - a rule formula generator
      a list of all tuples (a,b) with a, b in args where a defeats b
    • isAttack

      public static <T extends Invertable> boolean isAttack(AspicArgument<T> active, AspicArgument<T> passive, RuleFormulaGenerator<T> rfgen, Comparator<AspicArgument<T>> order)
      Determines whether the attack is successful
      Type Parameters:
      T - the type of formulas
      active - the active argument
      passive - the passive argument
      rfgen - a rule formula generator
      order - a comparator
      true iff the attack is succuessful
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Attack