Class BeliefSet<T extends Formula,S extends Signature>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of the beliefs in this belief set.
S - The type of signature attached to this belief set.
All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<T>, Collection<T>, BeliefBase
Direct Known Subclasses:
AbstractBipolarFramework, ActionDescription, ActionQuerySet, ArgumentationKnowledgeBase, ClBeliefSet, CrMasBeliefSet, DefeasibleLogicProgram, DlBeliefSet, DungTheory, FolBeliefSet, MarkovLogicNetwork, MlBeliefSet, PclBeliefSet, PlBeliefSet, RclBeliefSet, RpclBeliefSet, SetAf, SimplePlLogicDeductiveKnowledgebase

public abstract class BeliefSet<T extends Formula,S extends Signature> extends Object implements BeliefBase, Collection<T>
This class models a belief set, i.e. a set of formulae of some formalism, and a signature.
Matthias Thimm, Tim Janus, Anna Gessler
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      public static final boolean EQUALS_USES_SIGNATURE
      Flag that determines whether Object.equals(Object) checks only for equality of the beliefs in the belief sets or whether it also checks for equality of the signatures attached to the belief sets.
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  • Constructor Details

    • BeliefSet

      public BeliefSet()
      Creates a new (empty) belief set.
    • BeliefSet

      public BeliefSet(Collection<? extends T> c)
      Creates a new belief set with the given collection of formulae.
      c - a collection of formulae.
    • BeliefSet

      public BeliefSet(S sig)
      Creates a new belief set with the given type of signature.
      sig - a signature
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