Class KappaValue

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public class KappaValue extends Object implements KappaTerm
Represents a Kappa-Value for the c-revision, it contains two KappaMin instances, both KappaValue and KappaMin implement the KappaTerm interface. Internally the value of the Kappa is represented using an integer and as long as the Kappa cannot be evaluated correctly its value member is -1.
Tim Janus
  • Constructor Details

    • KappaValue

      public KappaValue(int index, Conditional cond)
      Ctor: Generates a kappa value for the given Conditional with the given index.
      index - an int
      cond - some conditional
  • Method Details

    • evaluate

      public boolean evaluate()
      Description copied from interface: KappaTerm
      Tries to evaluate the kappa term, if the evaluation is successful then the next call of value returns the evaluated value.
      Specified by:
      evaluate in interface KappaTerm
      True if the evaluation is sucessful, false otherwise
    • value

      public int value()
      Specified by:
      value in interface KappaTerm
      The value of this kappa term or -1 if the kappa-term's evaluate() method returns false.
    • greaterEqualThan

      public int greaterEqualThan()
      Specified by:
      greaterEqualThan in interface KappaTerm
      The minimum value of this kappa term, such that the caller knows the kappa term is greater or equal the returned value.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • fullString

      public String fullString()
    • getSubTerms

      public Set<KappaTerm> getSubTerms()
      Description copied from interface: KappaTerm
      Processes all the sub-terms
      Specified by:
      getSubTerms in interface KappaTerm
      A set containing all the sub-terms of the kappa term