Class SActionQuerySet

  • All Implemented Interfaces:
    java.lang.Iterable<SActionQuery>, java.util.Collection<SActionQuery>, BeliefBase

    public class SActionQuerySet
    extends ActionQuerySet<SActionQuery>
    This class models a set of action queries in the language "S" which is based on the query language "P" discussed in the paper: [Gelfond, Michael and Lifschitz, Vladimir: Action Languages. ETAI: Electronic Transactions on AI, 1998.]
    Sebastian Homann
    • Constructor Detail

      • SActionQuerySet

        public SActionQuerySet()
        Creates a new empty action query set for the query language S.
      • SActionQuerySet

        public SActionQuerySet​(java.util.Collection<SActionQuery> c)
        Creates a new belief set with the given collection of queries.
        c - a collection of formulae.
    • Method Detail

      • ground

        public SActionQuerySet ground()
        a new SActionQuerySet consisting of all possible groundings of the contained queries.
      • getConjunctionOfAllQueries

        public SActionQuery getConjunctionOfAllQueries()
        Returns a conjunction of all contained queries. The resulting action query is satisfied iff all queries contained in this query set are satisfied.
        a conjunction of all contained queries.
      • getMinimalSignature

        public Signature getMinimalSignature()
        Description copied from interface: BeliefBase
        Returns the signature of the language of this knowledge base.
        the signature of the language of this knowledge base.