Interface AcceptanceCondition

    • Method Detail

      • arguments

        default<Argument> arguments()
        recursively computes all the arguments of this acceptance condition
      • getChildren

        java.util.Set<AcceptanceCondition> getChildren()
        an unmodifiable set of children
      • accept

        <U,​D> U accept​(Visitor<U,​D> visitor,
                             D topDownData)
        Passes the topDownData to the right visit method and returns the result of the visit method, performs no modifications on them.

        This allows for type-safe traversal through the acceptance condition structure.

        Type Parameters:
        U - the bottom-up data
        D - the top-down data
        visitor - the visitor
        topDownData - the data which is passed from the root of the acceptance condition to the leaf
        the result of the visit method
      • contains

        default boolean contains​(Argument arg)
        Checks if the given argument is contained in this acceptance condition.

        Note that this relation is reflexive, hence each argument contains itself.

        arg - some argument
        true if the argument is contained