Class GraphPlotter<T extends Node,​S extends GeneralEdge<T>>

Type Parameters:
T - the node class of the graph which is to plot
S - the edge class of the grpah which is to plot
Direct Known Subclasses:
BpmnModelPlotter, PetriNetPlotter, ReachabilityGraphPlotter

public abstract class GraphPlotter<T extends Node,​S extends GeneralEdge<T>> extends Object
A generic class for plotting graphs
Benedikt Knopp
  • Constructor Details

    • GraphPlotter

      public GraphPlotter(Plotter plotter, Graph<T> graph)
      Create a new instance
      plotter - the ground plotter
      graph - the graph to plot
  • Method Details

    • createGraph

      public void createGraph()
      Parse the elements of the graph to visual elements and align them in a hierarchical (top-to-bottom) layout
    • addLabels

      public void addLabels(List<String> labels)
      Add some description to the panel
      labels - some labels that will be aligned vertically