Interface Literal

public interface Literal
Mathias Hofer
  • Method Details

    • isTransient

      boolean isTransient()
    • isPositive

      boolean isPositive()
    • getAtom

      Literal getAtom()
      this if it is an atom, or else the encapsulated atom if the literal is a negation
    • getName

      String getName()
      the name of the literal, can be null
    • neg

      Literal neg()
      Returns the negation of this literal.

      The following properties hold for every literal l:

      • l.neg().neg() == l
      • l.neg().atom() == l

      The following must however not hold for every literal l:

      • l.neg() == l.neg()

      the negation of this literal
    • create

      static Literal create()
    • create

      static Literal create(String name)
    • createTransient

      static Literal createTransient()