Class SimpleAspicOrder<T extends Invertable>

Type Parameters:
T - is the type of the language that the ASPIC theory's rules range over
All Implemented Interfaces:

public class SimpleAspicOrder<T extends Invertable> extends Object implements Comparator<AspicArgument<T>>
A simple comparator for Aspic Arguments, that compares their top rules according to a given list of rules
Nils Geilen
  • Constructor Details

    • SimpleAspicOrder

      public SimpleAspicOrder()
      Creates a comparator for AspicArguments, that always returns 0
    • SimpleAspicOrder

      public SimpleAspicOrder(Collection<String> rules)
      Creates a comparator for AspicArguments from a list of AspicInferneceRules This will return a value <0, ==0 or >0 if the first argument's top rule is <,=,> the second argument's top rule
      rules - list of rules, ordered by their value ascending
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