Class QbPossibleWorld

All Implemented Interfaces:
Comparable<PossibleWorld>, Iterable<Proposition>, Collection<Proposition>, Interpretation<PlBeliefSet,PlFormula>

public class QbPossibleWorld extends InterpretationSet<Proposition,PlBeliefSet,PlFormula> implements Comparable<PossibleWorld>
This class represents a possible world of quantified boolean logic, i.e. some set of propositions.
Anna Gessler, Matthias Thimm
  • Constructor Details

    • QbPossibleWorld

      public QbPossibleWorld()
      Creates a new empty possible world.
    • QbPossibleWorld

      public QbPossibleWorld(Collection<? extends Proposition> propositions)
      Creates a new possible world with the given set of propositions.
      propositions - the propositions that are true in this possible world
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