Class FolAction

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public class FolAction extends Object implements Iterable<FolAtom>
An action is a truth-valued function on the set of action names, which is denoted by the set of actions which are mapped to 'true'.
Sebastian Homann
  • Constructor Details

    • FolAction

      public FolAction()
      Creates a new action, which maps all action names to false.
    • FolAction

      public FolAction(Set<FolAtom> actionNames)
      Creates a new action, which maps the given action names to true, and every thing else to false.
      actionNames - a set of action names which are mapped to true by this action.
  • Method Details

    • getAtoms

      public Set<FolAtom> getAtoms()
      Returns all atoms, e.g. all action names, that are mapped to true by this action.
      the set of atoms, that are contained in this action.
    • toString

      public String toString()
      toString in class Object
    • substitute

      public FolAction substitute(Map<? extends Term<?>,? extends Term<?>> map)
      Substitutes terms in all non-zero-arity atoms in this action according to the given map. This is used for grounding, where variables are substituted by constants.
      map - a map, containing all substitutions to be applied.
      the resulting action.
    • isGround

      public boolean isGround()
      Checks whether this action is ground or not. An action is ground when all action names are ground.
      true iff this action is ground
    • iterator

      public Iterator<FolAtom> iterator()
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      iterator in interface Iterable<FolAtom>