Class CredibilityRevisionIterative<T extends Formula>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of the belief bases
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public abstract class CredibilityRevisionIterative<T extends Formula> extends CredibilityRevision<T>
Implements the list based method of the Revision interface by iterative calling the revision method which revise two belief bases. Acts as a base class for iterative revision processes.
Tim Janus
  • Constructor Details

    • CredibilityRevisionIterative

      public CredibilityRevisionIterative()
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    • revise

      public Collection<T> revise(List<Collection<T>> ordererList)
      Description copied from class: CredibilityRevision
      Revises the belief bases in the orderer list into one belief base.
      Specified by:
      revise in class CredibilityRevision<T extends Formula>
      ordererList - An orderer list of belief bases which assumes that belief bases with a lower index have a lower priority.
      The belief base which is the result of the revision.