Class CredibilityRevisionNonIterative<T extends Formula>

Type Parameters:
T - The type of the belief base
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public abstract class CredibilityRevisionNonIterative<T extends Formula> extends CredibilityRevision<T>
Implements the revision method with two belief bases by delegating the processing to the revision method bases on an ordered list of belief bases. It acts as base class for revision approaches which support the revision of multiple belief bases in one step.
Tim Janus
  • Constructor Details

    • CredibilityRevisionNonIterative

      public CredibilityRevisionNonIterative()
  • Method Details

    • revise

      public Collection<T> revise(Collection<T> beliefBase1, Collection<T> beliefBase2)
      Description copied from class: CredibilityRevision
      Revises the two given belief bases and returns the result, the former belief base has a lesser credibility than the latter.
      Specified by:
      revise in class CredibilityRevision<T extends Formula>
      beliefBase1 - The lower priority belief base
      beliefBase2 - The higher priority belief base
      The belief base which is the result of the revision.