Package org.tweetyproject.logics.commons.syntax.interfaces

package org.tweetyproject.logics.commons.syntax.interfaces
  • Class
    This interfaces describes associative formulas like a disjunction or a conjunction.
    An atomic language construct, linked to its predicate
    Gives common implementations for methods shared among atoms of different types.
    An enum containing the different return values of the setPredicate() method of Atom.
    This interface models a classical formula, i.e.
    A complex logical formula can contain arguments referred as terms, this interface provides methods to substitute and exchange those terms.
    Formulas implementing this interface can be connected by using AND.
    Formulas implementing this interface can be connected using OR.
    Formulas implementing this interface have a complement
    LogicProgram<C extends Formula,P extends Formula,T extends Rule<?,?>>
    An interface for a logic program, which is a set of rules.
    This interface captures the common functionalities of formulas, sorts and terms.
    Interface for a QuantifiedFormula with a set of quantified variables implementing an all- or exist-quantor for example.
    A formula of a logical language
    A term of a logical language, that can be given as argument for logical constructs like atoms or functors.
    This interface defines method which are given by every TypedStructure like a Predicate or an Functor.