Interface SimpleLogicalFormula

All Superinterfaces:
All Known Subinterfaces:
AssociativeFormula<T>, Atom, ClassicalFormula, ComplexLogicalFormula, Conjunctable, Disjunctable, Invertable, QuantifiedFormula
All Known Implementing Classes:
AbaElement, AbaRule, AbstractGraphLdoModality, AbstractLdoModality, AggregateAtom, AggregateElement, AggregateHead, AlwaysQuery, ASPAtom, ASPBodyElement, ASPElement, ASPHead, ASPLiteral, ASPRule, AssertionalAxiom, AssociativeDlFormula, AssociativeFolFormula, AssociativeFormulaSupport, AssociativePlFormula, Assumption, AtomicConcept, AtomicRole, BottomConcept, ChoiceElement, ChoiceHead, ClassicalHead, ComparativeAtom, Complement, ComplexConcept, ComplexLogicalFormulaAdapter, ConceptAssertion, Conditional, Conjunction, Conjunction, Contradiction, Contradiction, DefaultNegation, DefaultRule, DefeasibleInferenceRule, DefeasibleRule, DelpFact, DelpRule, Disjunction, Disjunction, DlAxiom, Equivalence, Equivalence, EquivalenceAxiom, ExclusiveDisjunction, ExclusiveDisjunction, ExistentialRestriction, ExistsQuantifiedFormula, ExistsQuantifiedFormula, FolAtom, FolFormula, ForallQuantifiedFormula, ForallQuantifiedFormula, HoldsQuery, Implication, Implication, Indecision, InferenceRule, InferenceRule, Intersection, LdoArgument, LdoAssociativeFormula, LdoBoxModality, LdoConjunction, LdoDiamondModality, LdoDisjunction, LdoFormula, LdoGraphBoxModality, LdoGraphDiamondModality, LdoNegation, LdoRelation, MlFormula, MlnFormula, NecessarilyQuery, Necessity, Negation, Negation, Negation, NLPNot, NLPRule, OptimizationElement, OptimizationStatement, PlFormula, Possibility, ProbabilisticConditional, Proposition, QueryProposition, RelationalConditional, RelationalFormula, RelationalProbabilisticConditional, RoleAssertion, SpecialFormula, SpecialFormula, StrictInferenceRule, StrictNegation, StrictRule, Tautology, Tautology, TopConcept, Union, UniversalRestriction, WeakNegation

public interface SimpleLogicalFormula extends Formula
A formula of a logical language
Tim Janus
  • Method Details

    • getAtoms

      Set<? extends Atom> getAtoms()
      Processes the set of all atoms which appear in this formula
      The set of all atoms
    • getPredicates

      Set<? extends Predicate> getPredicates()
      Processes the set of all predicates which appear in this formula
      all predicates that appear in this formula
    • getPredicateCls

      Class<? extends Predicate> getPredicateCls()
      The class description of the predicate used by this formula.
    • isLiteral

      boolean isLiteral()
      true if the formula represents a literal in the language or false otherwise
    • hashCode

      int hashCode()
      hashCode in class Object
    • equals

      boolean equals(Object other)
      equals in class Object
    • clone

      Creates a deep copy of this formula
      the cloned formula