Class ComplexConcept

All Implemented Interfaces:
Formula, ClassicalFormula, Conjunctable, Disjunctable, Invertable, ProbabilityAware, SimpleLogicalFormula
Direct Known Subclasses:
AssociativeDlFormula, AtomicConcept, AtomicRole, BottomConcept, Complement, ExistentialRestriction, TopConcept, UniversalRestriction

public abstract class ComplexConcept extends Object implements ClassicalFormula
The common abstract class for concepts (also called concepts, complex concepts or concept descriptions) of description logics.
Specifically, this library supports formulas of the description logic ALC (attributive concept language with complements). In an ALC language for a given signature, concepts are:
  • All atomic concepts of the signature
  • The universal concept
  • The bottom concept
  • Complex concept descriptions, which are built with the following constructors:
    • The intersection of two concept descriptions
    • The union of two concept descriptions
    • The complement of a concept description
    • The universal restriction of a role by a concept description
    • The existential restriction of a role by a concept description
Anna Gessler
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