Class Union

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<ComplexConcept>, Collection<ComplexConcept>, List<ComplexConcept>, Formula, AssociativeFormulaSupport.AssociativeSupportBridge, AssociativeFormula<ComplexConcept>, ClassicalFormula, Conjunctable, Disjunctable, Invertable, ProbabilityAware, SimpleLogicalFormula

public class Union extends AssociativeDlFormula
This class models an union in description logics. This can be translated to a disjunction in first-order logic.
Anna Gessler
  • Constructor Details

    • Union

      public Union(Collection<? extends ComplexConcept> formulas)
      Creates a new union with the given inner formulas.
      formulas - a collection of formulas.
    • Union

      public Union()
      Creates a new (empty) union.true
    • Union

      public Union(ComplexConcept first, ComplexConcept second)
      Creates a new union with the two given formulae
      first - a relational formula.
      second - a relational formula.
    • Union

      public Union(ComplexConcept formula)
      Create a new union with the given formula.
      formula - a DlFormula
  • Method Details

    • getOperatorSymbol

      public String getOperatorSymbol()
      A String representing the operator which connects two items of the associative formula.
    • getEmptySymbol

      public String getEmptySymbol()
      A String representing an empty version of the Associative Formula implementation
    • clone

      public ComplexConcept clone()
      Description copied from class: ComplexConcept
      Creates a deep copy of this formula
      Specified by:
      clone in interface SimpleLogicalFormula
      Specified by:
      clone in class ComplexConcept
      the cloned formula
    • createEmptyFormula

      public Union createEmptyFormula()
      an empty version of the AssociativeFormula
    • collapseAssociativeFormulas

      public ComplexConcept collapseAssociativeFormulas()
      Description copied from class: ComplexConcept
      This method collapses all associative operations appearing in this term, e.g. every a||(b||c) becomes a||b||c.
      Specified by:
      collapseAssociativeFormulas in class ComplexConcept
      the collapsed formula.