Interface AssociativeFormulaSupport.AssociativeSupportBridge

All Known Implementing Classes:
AssociativeDlFormula, AssociativeFolFormula, AssociativePlFormula, ClassicalHead, Conjunction, Conjunction, Disjunction, Disjunction, ExclusiveDisjunction, ExclusiveDisjunction, Intersection, LdoAssociativeFormula, LdoConjunction, LdoDisjunction, Union
Enclosing class:
AssociativeFormulaSupport<T extends SimpleLogicalFormula>

public static interface AssociativeFormulaSupport.AssociativeSupportBridge
This interface defines a bridge between the AssociativeFormula implementation like a concrete Disjunction and the AssociativeFormulaSupport object which adds the implementation of the common functionality. To provide as much common functionality as possible the AssociativeFormulaSupport needs the bridge to create empty associative formulas, empty signatures and the string representation for the operator symbol and the symbol that means that the associative formula is empty.
Tim Janus
  • Method Details

    • createEmptyFormula

      <T extends SimpleLogicalFormula> AssociativeFormula<T> createEmptyFormula()
      Type Parameters:
      T - the type of formulas
      an empty version of the AssociativeFormula
    • createEmptySignature

      Signature createEmptySignature()
      An empty signature of the language of the AssociativeFormula implementation
    • getOperatorSymbol

      String getOperatorSymbol()
      A String representing the operator which connects two items of the associative formula.
    • getEmptySymbol

      String getEmptySymbol()
      A String representing an empty version of the Associative Formula implementation