Class PlBeliefSet

All Implemented Interfaces:
Iterable<PlFormula>, Collection<PlFormula>, BeliefBase
Direct Known Subclasses:
CausalModel, CompilationNode, DeductiveKnowledgeBase, KnowledgeBase

public class PlBeliefSet extends BeliefSet<PlFormula,PlSignature>
This class represents a knowledge base of propositional formulae.
Matthias Thimm
  • Constructor Details

    • PlBeliefSet

      public PlBeliefSet()
      Creates a new (empty) knowledge base.
    • PlBeliefSet

      public PlBeliefSet(Collection<? extends PlFormula> formulas)
      Creates a new knowledge base with the given set of formulas.
      formulas - a set of formulas.
  • Method Details

    • toCnf

      public Conjunction toCnf()
      This method returns this belief set in conjunctive normal form (CNF). A formula is in CNF iff it is a conjunction of disjunctions and in NNF.
      the formula in CNF.
    • getSyntaxComponents

      public Collection<PlBeliefSet> getSyntaxComponents()
      Returns the set of syntax components of this belief set, i.e. a partitioning {K1,...,Kn} of K (a disjoint union K1u...uKn=K) such that the signatures of K1,...,Kn are pairwise disjoint.
      the set of syntax components of this belief set
    • getCanonicalOrdering

      public List<PlFormula> getCanonicalOrdering()
      Force ordering on belief set based on comparison of hash codes.
      list of "canonically" ordered formulas
      See Also:
      • PlBeliefSet.PlFormulaHashCodeComparator
    • getMinimalSignature

      public PlSignature getMinimalSignature()
      Description copied from interface: BeliefBase
      Returns the signature of the language of this knowledge base.
      the signature of the language of this knowledge base.