A comprehensive collection of Java libraries for logical aspects of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation
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In order to use the TweetyProject libraries for development it is recommended to use Maven and add the following dependency to your project:


If you are only interested in specific libraries please see the Libraries section for the individual dependencies.

If you are not a Maven user you can also directly download the JARs below. For snapshot versions of the TweetyProject libraries please go to the Git repository at GitHub.

All JARs come in two versions: plain and with all dependencies. The latter include all derived dependencies from other TweetyProject libraries and third-party components and are therefore self-contained and can be used right away. The former only include the class files of the actual package and your application may not work if you do not add the necessary dependencies to your project (see the pom.xml files inside the JARs to get a list of all dependencies). It is highly recommended to use the version which already include all dependencies.

All JARs (plain and self-contained) also contain source code files.

All-in-one package

General libraries

Logic libraries

Logic programming libraries

Argumentation libraries

Agent libraries

Other libraries

Older JAR builds can also be found here.

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