A comprehensive collection of Java libraries for logical aspects of artificial intelligence and knowledge representation
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TweetyProject is a collection of various Java libraries that implement approaches to different areas of artificial intelligence. In particular, it provides a general interface layer for doing research and working with different knowledge representation formalisms such as classical logics, conditional logics, probabilistic logics, and argumentation. Furthermore, TweetyProject contains libraries for dealing with agents, multi-agent systems, and dialog systems for agents, as well as belief revision, preference reasoning, preference aggregation, and action languages. A series of utility libraries that deal with e.g. mathematical optimization complement the collection.

For technical documentation of using the libraries please have a look at the online JavaDoc API.

All parts of the TweetyProject available on this website are licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License version 3 (beginning with TweetyProject version 1.6, the versions before are licensed under the GNU General Public License version 3) except when this is noted otherwise. Use and modification of the libraries is encouraged but please give credit by referring to this website. Please note that some libraries make also use of other third-party libraries such as Apache Commons.

This website and TweetyProject are under constant development. In particular, a manual for using TweetyProject and usage examples are in preparation. Please come back frequently to check for updates.

Maven dependency for the complete collection:

If you are only interested in specific libraries please see the Libraries section for the individual dependencies. If you are not a Maven user you can also download JARs in the Downloads section.

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  • 04.08.2021: New release TweetyProject 1.20. Changelog:
    • New libraries:
      • org.tweetyproject.logics.petri: Petri nets with reasoning capabilities and inconsistency measures
      • org.tweetyproject.arg.setaf: abstract argumentation framworks with collective attacks (SetAFs), including several reasoner
    • New functionalities:
      • added principles for abstract argumentation and a tool that checks compliance with principles for arbitrary reasoner (org.tweetyproject.arg.dung)
      • added reasoner for strong admissibility semantics, eager semantics, weakly complete semantics, weakly grounded semantics, weakly preferred semantics, solid admissibility semantics (org.tweetyproject.arg.dung)
      • added query API for ADFs (org.tweetyproject.arg.adf)
      • added grounding capabilities to ASP (org.tweetyproject.lp.asp)
      • new reasoner for ranking semantics for abstract argumentation (org.tweetyproject.arg.rankings)
      • added hypergraph datastructures to graph library (org.tweetyproject.graphs)
      • added transformation functionalities between ADFs and conditional logics (org.tweetyproject.logics.translators)
    • Minor changes:
      • Bugfixes and improvements for ASP (org.tweetyproject.lp.asp)
      • Bugfixes and improvements for ranking semantics for abstract argumentation (org.tweetyproject.arg.rankings)
      • Improved JavaDoc throughout the project

Last updated 04.08.2021, Matthias Thimm